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The Latest News From Hordle Lakes


 From the end of this month (March) the Environment Agency are stopping fisheries from selling the EA Rod Licences.  They will be available online or from post offices only.

This of course is another government cut but goes under the guise that money saved by the EA "can be poured back into the sport".

We know that many of you find it much more convenient just to buy the rod licence on site and apologise for any problems this may cause you but as the EA is a government department, this change is completely out of our hands.



DOGS NO LONGER ALLOWED ON FISHERY (EXCEPT OUR REGULARS WHOSE DOGS WE KNOW). We have been forced to make this decision due to unacceptable dog fouling problems. 





Gift vouchers

If you're stuck for ideas of what to give someone as a present, why not give a Hordle Lakes fishing voucher for a day (or night's) fishing at the lakes or a Tuition.

Just phone for further details on 01590 683767 or 07709853353.

Rod Licences.

The new licences for 1st of April 2016 to the 31st March 20157are now available from the bailiffs office.

Tackle and Bait.

We are now selling a range of Carp end tackle, Boilies, Sensas and Dynamite groundbaits, pellets and maggots..

Tackle Hire is also available.

 Opening and Closing Times

7am open and 7.00pm close.


Please read the fishery rules before fishing.

Bob's Lake has had 2 new rules set in place. These are that all anglers must have proper carp nets and mats or cradles. Nets minimum 36inch and mat minimum 110cm x 70cm x 4cm thick. This is all purely for fish care as they are getting bigger. We sell mats and nets in our shop. We do rent mats and nets at £3 per item. Mats £30 deposit and £27 back when returned. Nets are £20 and £17 back when returned. Anglers wishing to fish for the silvers etc can still use their small nets but need a large net for back up as it is quite likely you could catch a big carp.


12 Nov 2014

With the weather continuing to be mild for this time of year, the lakes are fishing well. The silvers and Perch are getting on the feed well with perch to 3lb 12oz being caught from Bob's lake. The Carp in Bobs are showing well with Matt Holloway catching 8 including a 28lb 8oz mirror and  a 19lb 8oz common, Sean Vigor had fish upto 19lb 6oz, Kev McCauley had an 18lb 8oz and John Cooper had a 22lb 8oz common.

14 Oct 2014

As the Autumn weather begins the fish are feeding well. There has been some cracking fish coming out. Spring lake has been producing some nice Tench to just under 6lbs. Bob's lake is producing lots of upper doubles and twenties. Below are some of the catch reports over the last couple of weeks.

Vince Magrane had a 20lb mirror
Steve Wright has been down for the last two afternoons and managed fish of 18lbs 19lb 4oz, 20lbs and 20lbs 2oz.
Paul Heath had 7 fish to 19lb 3oz
June Heath had 7 including a 16lb 2oz, 17lb 14oz and 19lb 8oz pb
Sean Vigor  has been doing well lately with an 18lb common, 3 x 19lbs, 21lnb 7oz and a new pb of 27lb 15oz
Lee Baker had 11 fish 22lb 10oz
 Lewis Simmonds had 9 doubles with the best going 22lb.
Sean Vigor had 7 fish to 17lb 10oz
Kevin McCauley had 25 fish with a 20lb 2oz mirror and 22lb 8oz common
Richard Corker had a 20lb common
Jonny Dover had 8 fish including 2 x 17lbs, 18lb 10oz and 21lb mirror
Trevor Long had 3 upto 17lb 8oz
Steve Baker had 3 x 16lbs and 18lb 2oz common
Andrew Lewis managed 16 in a quick night session with the best going 18lb 8oz



23rd July 2014

With all this lovely weather we have been getting plenty of great catches from all the lakes. Spring lake is producing some big Tench with a good number of 5lb fish being caught. All the fish seem well on the feed. Bob's lakes recent catches include Andy Payne caught one fish a 20lb 2oz mirror, Stuart Rogers fished a day and had 8 carp to 21lb 4oz and a 17 and 3  x 15's, Andy Hiscot had 4 upto 20lbs, Kevin McCauley had 20 fish and a pb of 26lb 2oz, Tom Arms had a pb 24lb 2oz common, Scot Endersby Had 12 with the best going 17lb 10oz, 19lb 8oz and a 28lb 2oz mirror. June Heath had  18 fish with 3 18pounders and a new pb of 18lb 12oz and Paul Heath had 7 with the best going 21lb 6oz and 19lb 9oz.

17th April 2014

All the lakes have been fishing really, really well with loads of catch reports coming in from all over the complex. Recent catches from Bob's include Alex Duval had 4 doubles and a 25lb Common. Sam Aitken had 13 fish, 2 x 18lbs , 16lb 8oz and 15lb Ghost. Mark Peritan had 9 fish biggest going 24lbs 4oz Mirror and 18lb 5oz common. Kevin mcCauley had 25 fish, the best going 21lbs 5oz pb common, a 19lb 6oz, 18lb 8oz and 18lb 2oz. Callim Hatchett had 30 fish with three 20lb commons, 20lb 4oz, 20lb 11oz and 24lb 7oz. Joe Crossman had 30 fish to 19lbs. Scott Endersby had a 19lb 8oz and 17lb mirror. Steve Haime had 18lb 8oz and 17lb 10oz ( both commons). Steve Chamberlin had 22 fish with the besy going 18lbs and 16lbs and all but one being doubles. Lee Borley had 7 fish best were 22lbs, 18lb 8oz, 18lb 2oz 17lb and 16lb 10oz, fishing with Lee was Byron Saunders had 5 including a 17lb 10oz, 17lb 4oz and 16lb 8oz.

12th March 2014

Finally the terrible weather has seemed to have stopped, everything is drying out nicely and allowing us to get on with tidying the lakes ready for the year. The lakes are really picking up with this warm weather. The fish are feeding hard and there are plenty being caught from all lakes. The carp in Bobs are certainly enjoying there food.

Sean Rogers had 15 fish upto 17lbs and Kevin Mccauley had 18 fish with two 18's upto 18lb 10oz. Phil Hathaway had a 21lb 20z common. Matt Chapman had a 21lb 12oz mirror, Matt Holloway had a 19lb mirror. Brian Dudley fishing for Perch had a 24lb 6oz mirror on a prawn. Jack Taylor had his first ever carp weighing 18lb 4oz and Richard Jard had an 18lb 1oz mirror.

30th Jan 2014

With the terrible weather recently the lakes have been full to the brim but we have had had no problems with flooding. The anglers that have been down have been catching. Tench, Canal and Willow lake are fishing well. Bob's lake has been producing some nice fish. Kevin Mckauley had 3 including a nice 13lb 8oz common and a 15lb common. Sean Rodgers had 5 up to 12lb 8oz. Jamie Twycross had 2 up to 13lb, Adam Twycross had 3 up to 18lbs. Matt Holloway had 8 including a 17, 18 and 20lb 2oz. Matt Chapman had 5 including an 18 and a 22lb 1oz common.

19th Jan 2014

Over the last couple of weeks things have been very wet, but with all the mild weather for this time of year the lakes are fishing very well. Anglers are getting great bags of Roach and skimmers. The carp are continuing to feed in all lakes. Bob's lake has some great catches over the last 2 weeks, including Mark Smith fished 24hrs for 15 with a pb of 19lb 7oz. Matt Holloway did the day with 3 upto 16lbs. Luke Corsham had 2 upto 16lbs. Russel Marsh had 4 upto 15lbs 8oz. Sam Bell had 8 including a 17lb 8oz an an 18lb 6oz. Dave Simpson had 3 upto 18lbs. Scott Endersby had 2 pb's a 19lb mirror and a 24lb 4oz common. Matt Holloway had 11 carp with 2 x 16lbs a 17lb 10oz and an 18lb 8oz. Jensen Furlong had 15 carp upto 18lb 4oz. Sam Moore had a 20lb 3oz and Sam Bell had 5 fish upto 24lb 8oz.

16th October 2013

Over the last few weeks the fishing has been very good over all the lakes. There are some huge bags coming from Tench lake, Canal and Willow. The pellet feeder is working very well. The carp fishing on Bob's lake has been good, here are a few reports from the last week. Steve Taylor did 24 hrs and landed 19 fish 16lbs which was his new pb. Luke Panketh landed 8 fish to 19lbs. Matt Holloway fish 48hrs and landed 40 fish with the best going 16lb 10oz, 17lb 4oz 17lb 8oz and 18lb 8oz. Trish Haywood ( Matts Partner) fished her first ever 24hr session and caught here first ever carp of 16lb 8oz common. Brett Chandler had 7 fish to 19lb 4oz, Danny Cornick did the day and managed 3 carp and a new pb of 14lb 14oz. The winning tactics at the moment seem to be large beds of particles and boilies.

12th September 2013

Now the weather is a bit cooler the fish are really getting on the feed. All lakes are fishing well with plenty of fish being caught. Long, Willow and Spring are in great form for a nice mixed bag. The fishing on Bob's lake seems incredible at the moment over the last week Len Hodges fished for the Bream and ended up catching over 60 in the day with the best going just over 5lbs as well as a 20lb 8oz mirror. Alot of twenties are continuing to come out. Justin Collinge had 4 fish upto 19lb 7oz, Christopher Fairbrass had 5 upto 14lbs, Lewis Ashley had a 23lb 4oz common, Dave Tanner fished 72hrs for 18 carp all doubles upto 17lbs. Chris Foster had 50 fish upto 17.3, Terry Roberts had a 21lb Common, Rich Gilbart had 8 fish including 2 over 19lbs. Scott Harper had 8 fish with a 16, 17 and 20.8 pb common. John Cooper did 24hrs for 25 fish with a 16lb 8oz leather, 3 over 17lbs, an 18lb 40z common and a 20lb 2oz common. George Smith had a pb common of 23lb 2oz. Richard Cutting had a 22lb 11oz mirror


29th August 2013


Over the last week the lakes have seen people getting the last bit of fishing before its back to school. We would like to thank all the families that have come to the lakes over the holidays and hope they had a great time and hope to see you again soon. The lakes have be in good form with some excellent catches from all over the complex. Tench lake and Willow have been producing large bags of fish, with feeders and pellets doing very well. Bob's lake has fished very well with Andrew West fishing 2 day sessions over the last week catching plenty of carp with a twenty each session 23.8 mirror and 22 common. Tony Peters had 13 carp breaking his pb twice with a 17.2 and a 17.7. Lewis Togood and his dad Tim did 48hrs for 42 carp between them over 20 fish between 12 and 15lbs with the biggest going 17.8. Carl Turner did 24hrs catching plenty with the best going 22, 16 and 2 15's. Richard Freeborn did a day and had 11 carp with 2 x 16+, 2 x 15+ and a 14. Only one was under double figures. Fishing together Mick Court had a 21.8 of the surface, John Stables had a 20.8 of the top and Ray Earp had an 18.

8th August 2013

All the lakes are fishing very well as the weather isn't quite as hot now. Tench, Willow and Spring lake as usual is producing big bags of carp, they are loving pellet feeders and floating baits at the mo. Bob's lake has continues to fish well. Margins are doing well over pellets and large beds of boilies are doing well. Catches this week include David Williams catching 21.4 common, Phil Larford had 4 carp upto 19lbs. Wayne Appleby had 30 carp with 25.6 being the biggest as well as 2 19lbs and loads of doubles. Lewis Barker also had 30 carp with 2 19's being the biggest. Craige Appleby had 17 carp upto 15lbs. Scott Chadwick had 15 upto 23lbs which was a pb. Samuel Milne had fish upto 18lbs. Beds of boilies seem to be working very well.


26th July 2013

This week the fishing continues to be very good with loads being caught. The bream fishing is very good with large bags coming to feeders with pellets or corn for hook bait. The carp are feeding well with Bob's lake producing some good catches. This week Craige Phipps had a pb mirror of 25lbs as well as a 14lb common and 15lb 8oz mirror. Del Ahmet had 17 carp to just over 20lbs. mark Perriton had a pb mirror of 22lb 8oz. Doug Snudden had a great afternoon catching five carp with the 2 best going 22lb 4oz and 23lb 8oz.

17th July 2013

With this lovely weather, the lakes are all fishing well. The fish are very very hungry especially in the mornings and nights. The margins are producing loads of carp and just off the shelves are producing loads of quality bream and roach. regular angler Geoff has been catching masses. He had a staggering 121 carp out of Tench lake in a day. The following day he managed 111 carp out of Canal lake. Bob's lake is continuing to produce well with Tom Clapman and James Barker did 24hrs and managed 14 carp upto 16lbs 10oz. James Abbott had 7 including a new pb of 31lbs 4oz Richard Collins did a day and landed 11 carp to 16lbs. Mike Cripps had 5 to 22lbs 4oz and was his pb. Mark Perriton had a 22lb 8oz mirror. Luke Stringer had 8 with the best going 19lbs 8oz and 14lbs 8oz.

26th June 2013

As the weather seems to be becoming more settled the lakes are all producing very well. There are plenty of carp coming out as well as some lovely big bream and roach. Bob's lake as usual is doing the biggest fish. Recent catches include Richard freeborn having 8 carp in a day with the best going 17.14, 17 and 16.10. Craige Phipps had 12 carp with the best being a lovely mirror of 25lbs.,Jamie Ellis had a 18.4 mirror and a 17 common, Jack Lee had a 16.10 common, Rob New had 15 carp and a pb of 23. 4, Richard Collins had 12 fish with the biggest going 17.8 and 17lbs. Lee Thaw had 8 in a day upto 21.6.


29th May 2013

 The lakes are all continuing to fish well, loads of fish coming out all over the site. Spring lake produced a lovely 18lb  8oz mirror yesterday. Lots of good size bream are on the feed too. The carp in Bob's lake are feeding heavily. Winning tactics seem to be spodded areas and spread of boilies.  Recent catches this week include - Leon woodcock caught 14 carp with his best going 19.8 as well as 2 x 15plus. Joshua Curtis came down for the first time and went away with a nice 23.9. Tom Gray had 4 fish upto 19lb 4oz.

Please be aware of two rule changes for Bob's lake. These are that all anglers must have a carp net with a minimum width of 36inch and a large padded unhooking mat (110cm x 70cm x 40mm thick). These are both available from our shop at discounted prices. The reason for these changes are that over the winter we have spent alot of time and money on improvements on the site. The fish are getting bigger in Bob's and fish welfare is paramount. Last year we noticed regular mishandling of fish. We hope people understand why we are doing this.


26th April 2013

Please be aware of two rule changes for Bob's lake. These are that all anglers must have a carp net with a minimum width of 36inch and a large padded unhooking mat (110cm x 70cm x 40mm thick). These are both available from our shop at discounted prices. The reason for these changes are that over the winter we have spent alot of time and money on improvements on the site. The fish are getting bigger in Bob's and fish welfare is paramount. Last year we noticed regular mishandling of fish. We hope people understand why we are doing this.

As the weather is starting to warm up all the lakes are really switching on  and there are loads of fish being caught.

Bob's lake is really starting to wake up now with plenty of fish coming out. Dave Cook had 5 fish upto 17lb 4oz. Darren Eyers fished a 24hr session and managed plenty with the best going 24.7, 19.2 and17.1. Zac Scott came down for an afternoon and managed a 20lb 8oz. Tom Elosby fished 24hrs and managed 37 carp with best going 20lb 8oz, 18.2 and 17.10. Ryan Alder had 8 fish to 18lb 4oz.


5th April 2013

The lakes are still fishing well concidering the weather. The match on the weekend was won on Canal lake with an impressive 123lbs of carp as well as other good weights of 89lbs and 73lbs. The Perch and silvers are still feeding very well. The carp are starting to wake up with several twenties coming out. Steve gibbs had 5 carp to 22lbs. Matt Thorton fished a night and had 2 carp to 20lbs. Richard Biacsi also had 2 fish to 21lbs. Ashley Windcatt caught 8 upto 15lbs. Simon Thorne fished 2 nights for 11 carp with the biggest going 14.6, 14.10 and an pb 18lb 2oz. Wayne Courtney was fishing with Simon and managed 10 upto 16.2.

 19th Feb 2013

Sorry for such a long time without any news. We have been extremely busy with getting electric laid on site. This is taking longer than first thought. We are having electric on site so we can improve our shop and toilet facilities. We are also running in 8 CCTV cameras around site as well as alarm systems, so as everyone can imagine this has been a stressful and busy time. The fishing so far this year has been very good in general, with a slower period with the snow and ice. Recent catches have included Glen Allain catching fish upto 19.8 and a pb of 21lbs. Ben Francis and Dan Bartholomew had 36 fish last week over 48hrs with lots of doubles up 16.12. Steve Neilson fished for a day and had 3 nice doubles upto 14lbs. Mathew Lawson and Richard Biacsi fished 24hrs landing 10 fish with two 14lb+ and a 16lb mirror. Tom Loseby and Ryan Lakey fished 24hrs and between them had 12 carp with the best a 17lb common and a 20.10 mirror.

7th Dec 2012

The people braving the colder weather are still getting some good action. All lakes are producing still. Large bags of silvers are being caught. The carp seem to be feeding quite well too, with plenty still coming out from Bob's lake. Some very Good catches over the last week include, Simon Harrison who fished 24hrs and had 9 carp, with three going 15lbs and one over 16lbs. Jason Lewin fished 24hrs and had 13 carp upto 17lb 7oz. Mark Bayfield fished for a night induring some heavy frost and still managed 16 carp upto 13lb 2oz. Chris Foster did the day for 7 carp to 19lbs. James Hughes fished 48hrs and managed a brilliant 26 carp upto 16lb 8oz. These catches are very impessive for this time of year.

21st Nov 2012

Its been a while since I have done an update, There is some good fishing to be had at the moment as the fish feed up for the onset of winter. All lakes are producing. The perch are starting to come out again now, with one angler having one just under 3lbs on a boilie. Willow lake and Tench lake seem to be in fine form. Bob's lake has produced some great results over the last couple of weeks with Mike Flowers and Pete and Leon Upton taking 26 fish in 48 hours upto 21lb 6oz. Pete, who has just taken up carp fishing, broke his pb three times with a 14lb, 15lb 10oz and 17lb 8oz. Steve Jeziorek and Ron Smith did a 48hr session and took 74 fish, with Steve's best going 24lb 4oz and 27lb 8oz. Ron took four fish in excess of 18lbs with the best a 21lb 3oz. Pete Hosey did a day and his biggest fish was a lovely 20lb 8oz common.

24th Oct 2012

With the mild weather this week the fishing has been good. Willow lake has been in fine form with loads of fish being taken. Paste is working very well. Bob's lake has produce some nice carp, Lee Pollard did a day and had six upto 21lb and Nick Gibbs did a 24hr session and had 11 upto 20.4oz. There has been lots of nice doubles out too.

18th Oct 2012

The lakes are in great form at the moment, Willow lake and Long lake are fishing particularly well, with good catches coming from all over. The senior match was won by Gem Turner with 92lbs, Brian Moore had second with 78lbs and third was Alan Bolt with 64lbs. The carp in Bob's are showing well, Notale catches this week have beeen Matt and Darren Haynes with a few doubles with the best two weighing 25lbs and 23lb 6oz. Ashley Neilson had a good results with the biggest being commons of 18lb 8oz and 23lb 2oz. Adam Greenscre came down for 3 hours in the afternoon and caught 7 carp upto 21lbs.

10th Oct 2012

The lakes are really starting to fish very well lately, The fish seem to be having a good feed up before winter. The match on willow over weekend saw the group from Oxfordshire fish very well and was won by Lee Pollard with 128lb, second was Nick Gibbs with 98lbs and third went to Dave 'Mr' Mannering with 96lbs. The Carp are showing well alll over, the catches reported this week are Dave Whitfield and Rob Smith did 24hrs fishing Mainline Cell and had 14 carp between them, all were doubles to just under 15lbs. Sam Ryan did 24hrs also and had 10 carp to 17lb 10oz. Seb Collins did a day and had 4 carp 9.12, 12.6, 14.05 and a 21.01. The biggest catch was by regular Steve Jeziorek who did 48hrs and had an amazing 60 carp, the biggest being 22.04, 18.08, 18.06 and a 17.09.


3rd October 2012

As usual for this time of year all the lakes are fishing well, There has been some good size Roach coming out to 2lb 6oz. The top match weight on the weekend was just shy of 90lbs, and today the senior match was won with 78lbs. The carp are well on the feed and best carp of the past week was caught by nick pollard at 30lb 12oz as well as two 20's upto 21lb 6oz. Other good catches have been to local angler paul with 12 carp upto 23lbs. Regular dave had 37 fish in 24hrs to 20lb 2oz with most being doubles. I even managed a few myself in an afternoon to just under 19lbs.

20th September 2012

With autumn starting to arrive this can be one of the best fishing times of the year. All the lakes are continuing to fish well, with plenty being caught. The matches have fished well with winning weights of over 110lbs from Willow and 98lbs from Spring. Bob's lake is producing well, We had pete down for one night and he had such a good time he ended up staying a week, his biggest were 26.8, 21.12 and plenty of doubles upto 19. He had a total of 51 fish. Two lads fish the point yesterdsy and had 15 between them upto 19lbs. We had 2 anglers do a night up the shallow end and they had 25 carp with a 22 and one just under twenty. We have had 5 twenties out in the last week. I have had a lot of catch reports this week, too many to list.

5th September 2012

The fishing has been very good lately, All lakes are producing good catches, The matches over the last week have been very good with weights of upto 112lbs. The lakes are a bit quieter now as the schools have gone back. Bob's lake continues to fish well with two lads doing monday night with there biggest being 21.2 and 20.12. Over the weekend three people fishing the point had a great time catching over thirty carp between them including two 28's and another over 20. Opposite between the islands produced a nice 26.10. There has been plenty of doubles out upto just under 20.

23rd August 2012

Its has been a while since my last update, things have been busy and I havent had a chance to catch up with the latest news. Over the last couple of weeks the fishing has been very good. There has been a new lake record carp out of Spring lake weighing in at 24lb 12oz. All the lakes are producing loads of carp, Willow is in excellent form as is Canal. local angler Geof landed 121 carp out of canal lake yesterday. Bob's lake is producing plenty of carp with several 20's and lots of doubles. There was a 31lb 6oz mirror caught just before the really hot spell 3 weeks ago. That hot spell did slow the fishing down but things are all good again. large halibuts and boilies seem to be producing the bigger fish.

10th July 2012

With no let up in the weather the lakes continue to be a lot quieter than usual for this time of year. The fishing is still brilliant with loads of fish being caught all over. There was a match on Willow and the winning weight was 168lbs, with three other weights over the 100lb mark. Regular Geoff did a day on Tench lake and had an amazing day with over 120 carp. The carp fishing on Bob's has been very good with loads of nice fish coming out. Over the weekend Steve had a 25lb 14oz mirror. 10 year old chloe was on her first fishing trip with her dad and had a beautiful 31lb 2oz mirror. There was a 29lb 8oz mirror on the dam wall and a nice 20 at the top end.

4th July 2012

I hope your all enjoying the lovely summer weather. Even though its not great the people who have been braving it have had some very good results, the lakes are obviously quieter when the weather is like this, but it is actually great feeding conditions for the fish. All lakes are fishing very well, especially Willow, Tench, Bob's and Spring. We have been getting loads of nice Roach and bream out as well as a lovely 3lbs 8oz perch. The carp are continuing to feed hard with some great results, Leffy and his brother were down for a 4 night session and had over 130 carp out, loads of doubles with the biggest going just under 20lbs, Regular Steve did the saturday night and had a 23.8 common and managed to fall in with the excitement. Karen has done 2 nights and had two twenties to just over 22lbs aswell as some nice upper doubles. Over the weekend there were some other twenties out but we didnt get full reports.

21st June 2012 

The fishing on the lakes at the moment is very very good, the combination of lots of fresh water and warmth has really got the fish on the feed, Spring lake, Tench lake and Willow lake are having some great catches reported with brilliant days fishing being had by many. Bob's lake has been fishing really well too, there have been some great catches this week. Myself and a friend called Jonny did 2 nights for 55 carp, most of them were doubles, with the best fish being four over 18lbs, one of 19lbs, three over 20lbs upto 23.4 and I managed the friendly mirror at 31lbs. Most fish came from about 12 feet out at the bottom of the shelf. They were caught over a bed of 18mm boilies, using 18mm hookbaits. I did a Carp tuition for Peter and he had a great session catching a Pb of just over 20lbs. There have been lots of nice high doubles coming out at the moment, so its definitely worth coming and having a go while its fishing so well.

7th june 2012

Just over two weeks ago the fish were spawning and as a result the fishing became a little slow. Now they have got it out of their systems they are getting right back on the feed and with things cooling down a bit there are lots of fish being caught. A quick well done to Steve catching his new pb a lovely 25lb mirror while on a tuition with me and I managed a nice 26lb common myself. Over the Jubilee weekend Lewis and Connor did three nights and managed a staggering 70 carp with the biggest going nearly 18 and loads of doubles. Paul had a nice 21lb commons off the top. John Starley had 12 carp to 24.6. Local Phil had 7 doubles with the best being 18.4, 19.6, 19.10 and a 22 common. There have been lots of people fishing over the last couple of weeks with stacks of fish being caught. I would be here forever writing them all up. All the lakes are fishing well with loads of silvers and a couple of monster Perch being caught. There has been a 20lb 2oz common out of Spring lake and a new pb for the angler.  Canal and Tench lake are providing a hectic days sport at the moment, especially on the feeder.


15th May 2012

With the beautiful summer weather we have lately the lakes are still fishing very very well, all the lakes are producing some lovely carp and mixed bags. Some of the top catches from Bob's of late include 2 lads doing the night and catching some nice carp including a Pb for one of them of a 23.8 common. Regular angler Doug  and two of his mates did a 24hr and had approx 34 carp. The biggest was just over 21lbs, several at 17 and 18 as well as plenty of doubles. Two anglers fished the day yesterday at the bottom of the steps and had 20 carp each up to just under 18lbs and most others being around the 12lb mark. It was their first time down and they were very pleased and said they cant wait to come again

3rd May 2012

The lakes are continuing to fish well, The matches have been doing well with top weights of 132lbs, 111lbs and 86lbs. There are plenty of nice Roach, Skimmers and Bream being caught. Bob's lake is doing very well with loads of carp being caugh. Two more thirties have been caught a 32lb mirror and a common that bottom out the anglers scales at 32lbs and took him nearly an hour to land, so thats three in the last 2 weeks. Recent catches include - Thursday 26th April 2 lads did the night, one had never been carp fishing before and he had common of 22.8 and plenty of doubles. Friday 27th Doug the builder did a day and landed 11 carp with best being 26.1, 23.8, 18 and 17. Regular Steve had a good day this week catching 8 carp upto 23.6, while just down the bank another lad had 25 carp upto just over 20lbs.


24th April 2012

Over the last week the weather has really been sorting the men out from the boys. The people who have been fishing the lakes lately are loving it as due to the weather being this unsettle for the time of year, the banks have been a bit quieter and the people fishing have been having some awesome results. The fish are loving the weather and really on the feed. The charity match on Bob's over the weekend saw the three lads catch their 1000lbs of carp in 72hrs with an hour and half to spare. During the match Micheal had the first thirty of the year. A lovely 30.12 mirror. So a big congratulations to them on their achievment and the money raised for their charity. Steve one of our regulars also got in on the action and had carp upto 24lbs. There are still plenty of mid and upper doubles coming out. All lakes are fishing well and enjoying all this rain they are getting.

An areas I have to continually mention and becomes very frustrating is that if you have a Dog on site please keep it on a lead and pick up any mess and take it away with you. Most fisheries dont allow dogs and we are close to doing the same due to the minority who think its our job to clear up after them.

9th April 2012

All the lakes are continuing to fish very well. All species seem to be on the feed. There has been some great catches from Willow and Spring. Bob's has still been producing loads of nice carp. 9yr old Kai had a pb best carp of 21lb 4oz and several other good carp. His dad also did well but was out fished by kai. Steve did 24hrs in preporation for his sponsored fishing on Bob's at the end of April and caught 45 carp with a combined weight of 485lbs with several to just under twenty. Friday saw the Friendly mirror banked at 28lb 8oz. Big bags of big Roach,Bream and Perch are still being produced.

PLEASE make sure you take time at the end of your trip to make sure the area is clear of all litter as we have noticed quite an increase in little bits being left around. There are plenty of bins around to be used.

Also can anglers please make sure they are using BARBLESS hooks as we have found several not to be doing so.

28th March 2012

The lakes are really fishing well of late with loads of fish coming out from all lakes. The larger carp in Bob's are showing well. We have had loads of excellent catch reports, some of the notable catches include Leffi last sunday catching over 25 carp with the best being 22.5, 21.8, 18, 16 and 15. Sven did a night and also had 2 twenties up to just over 22. As i write Paul from Crawley is on his second night and had a great session so far and has had over 40 carp with the best being 20.4, 19.12, 18.6, 18.4, 17.8 16.8, 16.6 as well as loads more doubles. The winning tactics seem to be a scattering of large good quality boilies around 18mm. Early mornings and nights seem to be very productive.

PLEASE make sure you take time at the end of your trip to make sure the area is clear of all litter as we have noticed quite an increase in little bits being left around. There are plenty of bins around to be used.

Also can anglers please make sure they are using BARBLESS hooks as we have found several not to be doing so.

20th March 2012

The fishing over the last week has continued to be very good. There are plenty of fish being caught from all lakes. The matches have been producing good weights to just over 100lbs. Bob's lakes is fishing very well, particularly during the night. There have been too many catch reports to list.  Two decent twenties have been out over the last couple of days. A 24lb Common and a 27lb Mirror. Loads of doubles up to 19.8 have been showing. Lots of the better carp are coming over beds of large Halibut pellets and 18mm boilies.


7th March 2012

Now the weather is getting better, the fish are certainly starting to come out of there winter slumber. Over the last week the lakes have fished very well with loads of fish being caught. The matches on the weekend were won with 114lbs from Spring lake and there were plenty of other good weights. The carp in Bob's lake have really started feeding, On the weekend two lads fished a 48hr session catching 26 carp upto 22lb 8oz and many more doubles. Two lads from Swindon had the best result over the weekend, fishing round the back of the islands. They had 76 carp with loads of doubles, 4 over 18lbs and 4 over 20 upto 21lb 12oz. There were 2 night anglers last night who managed 24 carp upto 18lb 6oz.  The weather is looking good for the rest of the week and the weekend, so we are sure there will be plenty more great catch reports next week.


2nd March 2012

It has been a while since i have done a news report due to the colder conditions over the last few weeks. Obviously over this period we didnt get many anglers. Inbetween the icy spells there were still fish being caught. The past couple of weeks have seen the temperatures rising and the weather getting better. Lots of fish are coming out from all lakes. The matches have been producing weights of over 90 pounds. There have been some Perch being caught from Bob's and Spring lake up to 3lb 8oz. The carp in Bobs are becoming more active with lots of multiple catches being tacken. A number of anglers have been catching lots of nice doubles upto just under 18lbs. Over the weekend one lad did exceptionally well tacking 11 doubles and a nice 23lb mirror.



26th Jan 2012

Over the last week there have been a number of good catches. On the carp front, we had 2 lads Friday night landing 10 carp with some nice doubles. On Saturday a group of four lads had 27 carp between them with nearly all of them doubles upto 18lb 6oz. Regular Steve caught a new Pb carp from Tench lake of 14lb 4oz. The matches have continued to fish well, there was a match on Bob's lake last Wednesday and all 18 anglers had a great day targeting some lovely bags of silvers. The winning weight on the weekend coming from Canal lake and was 92lbs. The seniors match on Willow lake fished well and saw Jack catch two lovely Perch of 3lbs and 3lb 8oz and Brian had a nice common just under 17lbs.

18th Jan 2012

Anglers have been cashing on some good sport despite the weather. A couple of lads fished last Friday night at the bottom of the steps on Bob's and had several carp to 17lbs. Two other lads then took over thier spot after they had gone for 24 hours on Saturday and caught ten carp to 18lb 8oz. Pete fished through the frosty nigths and landed 18 fish to just over 17lbs. Regular angler Steve had a lovely 12lb 8oz common out of Tench lake from beside the ice. The matches have all been fishing well, with big bags of silvers being taken. As there are less people fishing at this time of year, its well worth taking advantage of this quieter period, with some good catches to be had.


10th Jan 2012

Friday the 6th of Jan saw Cliff fish a 24hr session on Bob's lake landing 12 carp, 11 over 10lbs and the best fish were three 14's, a 17lb 13oz and a new Pb of 28lb 1oz. Two lads on the point of Bob's had plenty of fish and for one of the lads it was his first time carp fishing and he had a great session with two 17's, a 15lb and a 14lb. Bob's has now produced 7 twenties in just over a week. Bob the Perch angler had yet another one of the lakes big carp with a 28lb 11oz mirror on worm. A lad opposite that was carp fishing saw this and switched one rod to worm and caught a lovely Perch just over 3lb. In general all the lakes are fishing well with this mild weather and the anglers that are taking advantage of this are having some great results, the  matches are producing some great weights too. It seems that a lot of people are missing out on some good fishing.


3rd Jan 2012

Over the Christmas period and New Year the lakes have seen alot more anglers and as a result there has been plenty of fish reported. There was a Christmas match on Bobs last wednesday and all of the anglers targeted the silvers, everyone caught bags of over 20lbs. The best weight was 60lb 2oz and average weights were around 35 - 40lbs with some stunning Roach and Perch. There has been some nice catches of carp coming out all over the lakes. Bobs lake has seen the biggest fish coming out and has been fishing well. Plenty of doubles have been caught along with some of the twenties that seem to be back on the feed. Regular Perch angler Dave had a nice 20lb 4oz mirror caught on maggots and a waggler. Dooner, Badger and Pete fished over the New Year and had 31 carp between them, the three biggest were two 18's and a 21lb 8oz common. Pete's wife Lynne caught her first ever carp a Pb mirror or 12lb 8oz Another night angler had a nice result with his two biggest going over 20lbs. The main bulk of carp have been coming from the deeper end.


14th Dec 2011

We would like to take this opportunity to wish all our customers a very merry christmas and a happy and prosperous new year and look forward to seeing you all soon.


6th Dec 2011

The fishing has really picked up lately and Bob's is producing plenty of fish. On Friday Dennis and Alan had 25 carp between them in a day upto 15.8. On saturday Jay had 15 carp upto 13lbs. A few other anglers over the weekend had decent catches too. 11 year old William on Willow had plenty of carp upto 11 pounds, beating his pb twice in a day. Dave on Spring had 10 perch upto 2lb 10oz and several around the 2 pound mark. A young lad fishing Spring also did well with the perch catching fish up to 2lb 6oz. The night anglers did well with the carp and had to bring their rods in to get some rest. Rich fished Bob's on Monday and had 26 runs and landed 20 carp to just over 16lbs.


29th Nov 2011

Now winter is starting to arrive, the fishing like everywhere is slowing up a bit. There are still plenty of fish being caught by people prepared to put the work in. Last Tuesday regular Perch angler Bob came down for the afternoon and caught a 27.14 mirror on a lob worm on his perch set-up. Peter fished Bobs on wednesday at the bottom of the steps and caught 13 carp up to 15.8, mainly coming on the method and boilie approach. Rob fished Saturday night and had five fish out topped buy a 22lb mirror. The other lakes are still producing. Spring lake has produced some lovely perch up to 2lb 8oz.

21st Nov 2011

The weather continues to be very kind, staying quite mild, The fishing conditions are still fair for this time of year. Over the last couple of weekends the matches have produced good weights, A match on Tench lake was won with over 100lbs, 96lbs second and plenty of other good weights and a match on Canal was won with 110lbs, 99lbs for second and 76lb for third. The carp fishing on Bobs has slowed a bit, watching to see where the fish are seems to be the key. Pete our regular had 21 carp in a day underneath the steps. Chris fished friday and saturday just gone and caught 13 carp, with the best being 18.2 and 16.12. These were taken from the margins on boilies. Cree and his father fished a friday night and had 20-30 carp to 15lbs. Dan and his friend did a night and had 23 fish upto 20lbs. On Sunday 9yr old Alfie had a lovely 14lb common off the top in Tench lake.

2nd Nov 2011

With the temperatures staying very mild for this time of year, it has kept all the lakes fishing very well. The biggest carp over the last week was a 26.8 common from Bobs lake> The lad who caught this came down from London for 2 nights and managed a total of 32 carp with several !8 pounders. There was a lovely 24lb mirror out from the dam wall end of Bobs. There have also been plenty of other good doubles coming out. The match on Spring lake at the weekend was won with 102lb, second had 99lbs and third had 65lbs.


24th October 2011

Two local lads Badger and Doona fished Thursday, Friday and Saturday night and caught plenty of fish. Badger's biggest were 15,17,18,19 and a Pb of 28.8. Dooners best were 17,18 and 20.8. Doug Blackburn had a good couple of sessions with a number of  17's,18's,19's, 20.1,21.8,24.6 and unfortunately he lost one of the commons that usually goes over 30lb at the net. Conner was down on work experience and did a night with one of his friends and had several carp up to 20.1. There are plent of carp coming out all over the fishery. All the lakes have been producing masses of silvers. Spring lake produce one of its cracking Perch of over 3lbs. With the weather staying mild for this time of year its a great time to come down to get a bend in your rod.


28th September 2011

Over the last week the lakes have been fishing well. Bobs lake has produced some nice 20lb carp, biggest this week has been 23lbs. There have been plenty of upper doubles comming out. With the weather hotting up the floater fishing has been working well over all the lakes. The Roach and Bream are coming out in large numbers too.

It has come to our attention that some people have been leaving their rods unattended while baits are still in the water. Please can you make sure that you reel them in if you need to leave your rods.         

Also please make sure that you are using barbless hooks as we have found that a number of people are still using barbed. If caught, anyone using barbed hooks will be banned without a refund.


21st September 2011

The fishing over the last couple of weeks has been very good, the weather has not been great to sit in but good for fishing. There has been a 32lb mirror from Bobs, along with a number of twenties. venue regular Steve caught the friendly mirror at 28.10. Regulars Len and Paul did two nights and had over 50 carp, the two biggest being 19 and 22.

The other lakes have all been fishing well, plenty coming out as the fish start to feed up for the coming winter.

Other news worthy captures are 9 year old Alfie Lane and his dad fished Tench lake and caught loads of fish as well as a monster 23.8 common.

The Perch are starting to come out again and there has been a lovely Perch of 3lb 15oz out of spring lake.

The Matches have fished well of late, on the weekend Willow lake producing a winning Bag of 163lb with several others around the 100lb mark. The seniors match on Spring lake today was won with 96lb.

If anyone has any fishing tips for fishing Hordle they would like to share and have them put on the website then send them in an email and I will put them up. (

 6th september 2011

With the weather getting a bit cooler lately the fishing has been steadily picking up, the wind and rain seems to be stirring the fish up nicely. In the last couple of weeks the big fish have been feeding in Bobs lake, there have been two 30's, two 29's, 27, 24 and a 23 pounder out as well as plenty of doubles to just under 20. The other lakes have all been fishing well, particularly Willow and Tench, producing large bags of Carp and Bream and Roach.

I will update of the fishing news on a regular basis.

5th September 2011

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